Decking Designs – How Much Does Decking Cost?

You might have noticed that your house is in need of some decking designs to cover up that empty backyard. Or perhaps you might require a decking balcony extension out of your bedroom. Whatever sort of decking jobs are needed, it is of course imperative to have a general outline of the type of deck that is needed in order find out how much does your decking cost. Perhaps you might already have done a sketch or have gotten help from a landscape designer or an architect in this respect. The next step of course is to find a reputable company to do your decking design work. However, the company representative would require quite a lot of information from you before they can get the best price decking for you.

At McNish Outdoor living service, we promise not only high quality products but we ensure that we add value to our customer’s property. Adding a backyard structure is not the only thing that can add value to your property. Still, their placement has a lot to do with the overall appeal of your house. Adding a backyard structure can increase the resale value of your house by 10 percent. It also increases the overall square footage of your available living space on the property. Our fully customized and creative designs add beauty and value to your property. So, even if you wish to resale your property, you will have a better value for the property in the end. 

Council Approval and Insurance

First of all, you might require the approval of your local council if you were to perform decking modifications on your house. The approval cost and requirements varies from country to country. Some councils also make it mandatory to hire a building contractor or to have building insurance if your decking designs were to exceed a certain size. If your local council does not make this mandatory, however it is still advisable to have building insurance in case decking builders run into some problems and are unable to complete your job on time.

Turn your backyard into a destination. Enjoy the Florida sunshine with a custom outdoor living space, whether it is to enhance the aesthetics of your home or increase its value a backyard structure is always a good investment. No one likes to be cooped up inside and extend your living space beyond the walls of your home, your dream backyard awaits. McNish Outdoor Living offers a wide range of services whether it is a deck, a gazebo by the pool, a pergola on a sunny Florida afternoon, or hosting a cookout with your new outdoor kitchen, we will get it done.

Finding a Decking Design Company

In the process of comparing quotes between companies, it is important to consider the following points.

  • How long has the company been servicing the community? New companies generally give cheaper decking design quotes, but there is a higher risk of non-completion of your job if the company is suddenly faced with financial problems. Well established companies with a longer history are more likely to finish the work they are given and provide that extra professional touch.
  • Can the company provide you with testimonials of their work? This is of course to help give you an idea of the service they will provide.
  • Is the company insured? You don’t want to have to bear the brunt of accident liability in case something goes wrong.
  • Can the company provide you a detailed cost breakdown in their quote? Are the prices given estimates, or detailed costs?
  • What kinds of decks does the company specialize in?
  • Additional services – do they provide concept drawing and designs (CAD software), or do they provide help with council approvals? These might attract an extra cost.
  • How often will the companies perform maintenance on your deck, and what is done? Most companies do maintenance every 6-12 months and this will include cleaning and recoating your deck with decking oil which can improve its appearance and durability

Builders Requirements

The deck building company will be needing a lot of information from you when finding out how much does your decking cost. They will initially be needing the square meters of the areas that require decking. Larger decks obviously cost more than smaller ones. Also to keep in mind would be, how many people will be using the deck at once. Also, what is the purpose of your deck, eg, is this for outdoor parties, or for private use? How often will you be using the deck? The company will also be looking at the general terrain of your backyard eg, slopes will add possible complications and increase the overall cost. Above ground decks, such as those extending from your bedroom will also cost more than those that extend out from your house into the backyard.

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