How to Reach Students in the Digital Age With a Certificate in Instructional Technology

Everyone today is in some way familiar with the Internet.

The Internet has become not only a necessary tool for communication but also an integral part of everyday life. Whether they are using social media to connect with friends, researching for school assignments, or checking their bank account online, people turn to the Internet on a daily basis without thinking twice about it.

Because of this widespread use of the internet almost all schools have created guidelines about its appropriate use. You may be required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy before being given access to your school email address and/or website.  

While most groups generally follow these policies, there are often cases where students fail to adhere to them. For example, many teachers have stated that they feel that there is a growing amount of cheating that occurs on school websites or during online exams.

In order to curtail this trend, one must look at the root of the problem and try and figure out how it occurred in the first place. A study conducted by James Paul Gee states:

Gee brings up a very interesting point with his statement about how students perform better when they are intrinsically motivated. He is saying that we should aim to make learning itself an enjoyable process for students instead of just assigning them work because we see them as being incapable if left to their own devices. In addition, he also mentions how often times when children do not have enough guidance from adults in their lives they will learn from their peers, which is another reason that we as educators need to reach them on their level.

Some ways that teachers can do this is by taking some time out of their lesson plans and trying to learn more about technology alongside their students or, for instance, using a flipped classroom model where the class watches lectures online at home and have class time available for collaborative activities.

There are also many examples of digital tools being used in a way that help us integrate with our learners such as creating videos or podcasts of lessons or even utilizing online programs that can be customized to fit specific curriculums . These possibilities reflect the changing times that have been brought up by Gee and offer new methods of teaching without necessarily replacing traditional methods.

In conclusion it is important for today’s educators to know how to reach students in the digital age. By teaching them about these tools that will likely not go away any time soon, it gives educators the chance to guide their learners while still keeping up with current industry standards. This is just one of many certificates offered by Lake-Sumter State College where you can learn the skills needed to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

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